we love to create and we enjoy
what we do - thats why we’re the
creators of fun

we love to work together

More people equals more fun.That's why we enjoy working together with you! Only by joining forces we can create the most fantastic constructions and experiences all over the world!

We love to create, and we enjoy what we do. That's why we’re the creators of fun

offering a variety of high-end services

We are able to transform the wildest ideas into smooth, high quality designs. We ask the tough questions and dig deep to get where you want to go. From a simple scaffolding design to a turn-key fully decorated mainstage with all technical disciplines included.

When a wild idea is turned into a design, all requirements have to be taken into account. Constructions are being engineered by AXIS on the basis of the latest requirements and norms.

SAGA Festival - The Takeoff Edition
Ploegendienst - Back to Work
Mud Masters - World Cup Monkey Bars


It is impossible to sum up all of our projects. But, we can show you some of our highlights from the last couple of years. Which one have you experienced and even more important, did you have fun? So yeah, we really are the creators of fun

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